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I was born in Ijuí, the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, the extreme south of Brazil, in a city founded by immigrants from various parts of the world.

So many, that the city came to be known as "Tower of Babel" because they spoke dozens of languages. Well, then it became the "Beehive of Work".

My family are German, Czech and Russian immigrants ("wild" descendants). They taught me discipline, hard work, and faith in God.

I got a Master degree in Social Communication by PUC - RS, and currently work with creative writing, including the work as a ghost writer.

I have published four books: the novel Reencontro (2011, published in the United States asThe Encounter 2016), the book of poems The Fall of the Bastille (2012/2018) and the chronicles of Heart in Flames (2014), stories of crazy love, and I just want to be happy (2017), a collection of articles written on websites and other publications between 2011 and 2017.

Would you like to know more about me? Please read the interview I gave to the web portal Mundo de Livros from Portugal, by Gonçalo Sousa.

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Leila Krüger.


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