"It is deep inside... you just can't reach. Little by litte, it takes your breath away". Ana Luiza is losing her breath: the end of (once more) a big love, a distant father, a futile mother, a complex friendship and "people who always go away." Through her rock songs, her books and her cigarettes, Ana Luiza sees her life collapse. "Love is a wound," she says. But  the "girl with a distant gaze" suddenty gets an unexpected encounter with someone apparently very different from her: the "huge eyes" that see everything ... Stuck in her own world and surrendered to alcohol and drugs, Ana Luiza tries to escape. Especially from the dreaded love, which hurt her so much... How to find, or rediscover your own destiny? How far can love go, how long can it wait? What is there besides rock ballads and romantic poems? Can love save someone from their own darkness? Sometimes it is necessary to lose almost everything to find yourself again... and finally to be able to love.



The Encounter 



The poetry contained in "The Fall of the Bastille", Leila Krüger's debut book, clearly follows - in the forty poems that compose the book - a constant of existential, questioning and confessional content, maintaining the balance and thematic alignment that will lead the reader to have the feeling of being in front of an unique poem.


A Queda da Bastilha





Eu quero mais é ser feliz


In I Just Want to be Happy there are chronicles published by Leila Krüger between 2011 and 2017, in her personal blog, in the magazine Benfazeja and in the portals Literary Ark and Book Tribe. Love, dreams, desires, self-esteem and beginnings, as well as envy, loss and loneliness are some of the themes of these chronicles that make us reflect on life and the pursuit of happiness.

Leila is got a Master degree in Social Communication. She is the author of the novel Reencontro (2011), released in the United States as The Encounter (2016), the book of poems The Fall of the Bastille (2012) and the work of chronicles Heart in Flames (2014).

Coração em chamas



Loving two people at the same time, to love for the computer, to kill for love, not to know that it loves, to give up loving. Heart in flames! Presented here are ten confessional stories of love and madness, lived by the most different figures: a hooker, a priest, a poet, a famous actress, a millionaire and even a friend of the nineteenth century poet Álvares de Azevedo. They now confess! Only you can know... don't you tell anyone...

© 2019 by Leila Krüger.

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